Setting up Flutter
So my wife and I had made a goal to write a small full stack app for ourselves this year, and after a bunch of deliberation we finally settled on Flutter as our front-end framework. Partly because it was up and coming, but also partly because it already supported Android, iOS, and Web, and lately it supports Windows as well.
Flutter itself is pretty easy to
set up
; basically download the SDK and drop it wherever you like, and add that to your path.
Once that's done, running
flutter doctor
will tell you what you need to install to round out your development environment, which is hugely useful.
Setting up Flutter without Android Studio
But as a Vim/Emacs user, I am much more comfortable with the command line than with an IDE now, and I really didn't want to have to figure out Android Studio along with Flutter development. Thankfully, it is possible to just get the Android SDK (aka
Android Platform Tools
) without having to install the bloated Android Studio. So I did!
This downloaded another
file, which I promptly unzipped and dropped next to flutter, and with a bit of fiddling around while referring to a
I finally got it to work with the following folder structure:
Android SDK Cmdline Tools
And then after running
flutter doctor
Flutter Doctor License Missing
And following the advice, we finally got to an acceptable state
Flutter Doctor Licensed
Of course, there are still some errors there, but since I don't yet intend to develop Windows apps on Flutter, and I didn't intend to use Android Studio to begin with, this is fine.
Neovim setup
Since I'm using
, I just opted for
. This does a surprising amount, if the
github page
is anything to be believed, but I have VSCode's plugin as a pretty well-known backup.
I did a quick test drive following the
Flutter guide
, and in about a minute I had a web app running on my browser. Pretty nifty!
Flutter Test Drive
I'll get to more configuration on Neovim another day, but for now this looks promising for my own development.