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Setting up Flutter
12 February 2022
My wife and I had decided on Flutter for a project this year, and I was trying to set it up without Android Studio
Re-writing my website in Elm
02 February 2022
I had been interested in Functional Programming for awhile, and decided to re-write this website in Elm
Building Redox Keyboards
17 January 2022
My wife wanted a split keyboard, so I took the chance to learn how to build one from scratch, and two more
Migrating my Golang Bot to Cloud Run
07 January 2022
In an attempt to reduce expense and upgrade to newer technologies, I migrated my Golang bot to Google Cloud Run
Next.js/Vercel with React/TS website for my Wedding
29 March 2021
With my wedding coming up, I wanted to take charge of my own wedding website
Internet and storage for my code-server
18 August 2020
I had to do some extra steps to get storage attached and internet enabled for my code-server docker instance
Setting up Nginx Reverse Proxy to Custom Domain
16 August 2020
Now that Code Server was up, I wanted to be able to access it from anywhere, so I used nginx to enable access from my custom domain
Setting up Code Server on Fedora Server
15 August 2020
After setting up Fedora Server once, I found that it was insufficient for running Code Server, so I had to re-do my installation with a couple of different steps
Setting up a Fedora Server
07 August 2020
I received back an old laptop from a mentee recently (he had gotten his own laptop) and decided that this would be a good opportunity to try my hand at some Linux Server administration
Re-writing my Telegram Bot in Golang
19 June 2020
I had originally written a Telegram Bot in Python 2, but seeing as Python 2 was sunsetted, I decided to re-write it in Golang as a way to learn the language
Adding a Markdown blog to my Vue + TS site
26 April 2020
I wanted to add a static, markdown-based blog component to my site, just for me to do write-ups on things I think are interesting enough for me to want to consolidate my knowledge on them and keep them around (not just in my head).